The humid and warm weather tells us that spring has finally arrived! In order to celebrate this season of new beginnings, Kakure’s new seasonal ‘Spring Dinner Course’ menu (HK$1,888 + 10%) and the spring cocktail ‘Deviation’ (HK$140 + 10%) offer much more than sushi, featuring different sections of the restaurant, that specialises in everything from tempura, teppanyaki to drink.

Diners are treated to a full seven-course of spring specials starting with ‘seasonal appetizer 2 kinds‘ and ‘seasonal sashimi 3 kinds’, followed by a deep fried ‘scallop tempura with Sakura shrimp’. Next up is stewed ‘sea eel with bamboo shoot’ which the freshness of the two ingredients makes a world of difference to your taste buds.

The chefs behind the teppanyaki counter also elevate the upcoming teppanyaki dishes by paying homage to Japan for its ingredients. Diners can dive into ‘turban shell with herb butter & white asparagus’, ‘A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye cap with Japanese onion & radish dip’ and ‘fried rice with sansho pepper & baby white fish’.

Last but not least, enjoy a bowl of hot ‘miso soup’ and an after-dinner dessert ‘strawberry mousse & kabosu citrus jelly’that will certainly end your day on a high.

Bookings can be secured via email at [email protected] or phone us at +852 2522 9990.