As winter arrives in the city and the days turn colder, there’s no better time to gather your friends and family, and start warming up with delicious traditional Chinese dishes. Known for its selection of premium ingredients and the skilful hands of its chefs, Joy & Joy have launched a selection of seasonal winter dishes that focus on taste, as well as the therapeutic and nourishing effects of its various offerings.

The Braised Snake Soup, Braised Mutton Casserole and Braised Duck Casserole with Taro are all made in Chinese pots full of tender, delicious sustenance for the cold winter nights. Other winter specials include a Sauteed Chinese Celery with Chinese Cured Meat and Sausage, as well as a fragrant Fried Glutinous Rice with Conpoy, Chinese Cured Sausage and Chinese Mushroom. Of course to round out your meal, there’s also Steamed Hairy Crab that’s not to be missed during this season.

For reservations, please call ahead to +852 2810 5366.